[English] 5 Why a Hobby Is Good For Your Daily Work

andre-hWhen I ask people about what is their hobby, some of them have no idea what is their hobby. I think it is common when someone may have not found their hobby yet. It has happened for me also when I did not know what is my hobby, what I love to do in life. By time, finally, I have found one of my hobby is writing. As I also love to travel to new cities or country, so most of my writing is about travel. But, do you know writing for somehow has helped me in my work? Yeah, indirectly I mean. Then, let me tell you why a hobby may help you in your daily work.

1. Hobby is one of a good escape

One time we may find ourselves in the middle of tons of work tasks to be done. And sometimes, It can make us frustrated. Honestly, it will be better for you to find a free slot of your time to do what you love to do. I have found that sometimes my writing time is like a “charging time” for my mood at work. And somehow, that may make my battery still alive to do my daily work.

2. Hobby improve knowledge and skill

There is no doubt that when you do what you love continuously, you will become an expert on it. You will learn and have passion to improve your knowledge in your hobby. Let me tell you, when I have written my first travel blog, I started to browse other travel bloggers to know how they write an article, what is their angle, their style, their language, etc. Thus, have created me to explore my skills in writing an article.

3. Hobby may create network

When you already have a hobby, I advise you to join a community that will improve your knowledge. In the community, you will meet people with similar hobby with you. You will learn from others and you may also tell them about your knowledge. That will may build your network that also sometimes it will be good one for your work.

4. Sometimes your hobby support your work

I remember when one of my task was to write some part in my company’s annual report. Somehow my passion in writing become a kind of ‘helper’ to do the task. That is only one example. Just imagine when someone have hobby in gadget and then the company want to implement a mobile solution. He/She may help the company to give an input about user experience or also about latest technology that can be used by the company.

5. Hobby can be your work

It has been common thing that some people make money from their hobby. Let’s say professional footballer, they love to play soccer but they have series of training that build their skills and body to be an professional football player. One thing that I must say about this point is you have to keep realistic when you try to make money from your hobby only. What I mean is when you try to do your hobby to make money but seems there is no chance to live from it, you have to be realistic and try another way, another thing you love to do or you find your job and keep do your hobby.

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